The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Extra-Wide Plates
“The latest and most notable addition to the rolling capacity of [Lukens]… has been brought about in a large measure by the tremendous rejuvenation of modern shipbuilding in this country, which has presented new and enlarged demands upon steelmakers calling for the greatest widths of plates obtainable under present day mill practice.”
“World’s Largest Plate Mill Now Being Installed by Lukens Iron & Steel Co.”
The Iron Trade Review, November 23, 1916

 Lukens was able to manufacture marine boiler heads 15 feet in diameter from a single plate without welding, something that was never done before.  Fireboxes and combustion chambers for locomotives were also made from the extra wide plates rolled on the 206” mill.

Photograph: Jacobs-Shupert fireboxes on rail cars at Lukens, 1910s — National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum