The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum
Keeping Ahead

Lukens Steel Company had a policy of remaining ahead in the steel industry, in regards to both technology and production.  On March 29, 1915, Lukens’ Board of Directors passed a motion to implement what would become the world’s widest plate mill:

After considerable discussion as to the present and increasing demand by customers for wider plates and the necessity for being in a position to furnish these in order not only that we may hold our desirable customers but have the advantage of the tonnage… it was decided to follow our established policy of keeping our plant in the fore and a motion… that the management be empowered to take up the question of a new and larger Mill and to arrange for the purchase and building of same… was unanimously carried.

Photograph: (Left) A.F. Huston, President (Right) C.L. Huston, V.P. — National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum